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Dr. JB Lee

Ph.D.: Georgia Institute of Technology

Research InterestsRF MEMS(Micromachined 3D high Q inductors (solenoid, spiral, toroidal) for RF front-end, On-chip tunable 3D solenoid inductors, RF MEMS Switches), Bio MEMS(Wireless micro-neuro transponder for neuroprosthetics, Nanoporous microcapsules for islet encapsulation, Microfluidics by EWOD, Microneedle array for painless drug delivery applications), Photonics MEMS(MEMS-based tunable nano-photonic crystals, Thermo-optic tunable light modulator, Polymeric MEMS-based tunable grating), Actuators(Metallic micro/nano grippers, Polymer microgrippers for biological sample manipulation, Improved optoelectronic device packaging using MEMS)


Phone: (972) 883-2893
[email protected]



Group Member


David Pierce

Research Assistant
Ph.D. Candidate

David Pierce received is BSEE and MSEE from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas under the supervision of Dr. J-B Lee.


Research InterestsBioMEMS, microprobes for recording and stimulation, microtransponder design for biomedical applications, viticulture & oenology.


Phone: (469) 964-7712
[email protected]



Jun Hyeon Yoo

Research Assistant

Jun Hyeon Yoo received his B.S degree (Electrical Eng.) from Korea University in South Korea and M.S degree (Electrical Eng.- Nanoscale devices & system) from University of California, San Diego. Now he is pursuing his Ph.D. degree under Dr. J-B Lee in Electrical Engineering at University of Texas, Dallas.


Research Interests:  Lab on a chip, Solid State Devices and Pressure Sensor

Phone: (214) 458-3787
[email protected]




Graduate Student


Research Interests







Former Group Members

·        Dr. Nimit Chomnawang, Ph. D. 2002, Lecturer at School of Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand.

·        Dr. Kabseog Kim, Ph. D. 2004, Vice President, Jusung Engineering, Korea.

·        Dr. Daniel Sang Won Park, Ph.D. 2004, Research Scientist, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.

·        Dr. J-C. Lee, Post-doc 2003-2004, Member of technical staff, R&D Center, Kumoh Electric Co. Ltd, Korea.

·        Dr. Arun Kumar Nallani, Ph. D. 2005, Sr. Staff Product Development Engineer, Perceptual Computing Group, Intel Corporation.

·        Aidan Skoyles, M. Sc. 2006, An IP lawyer, Finnegan, Wahsington DC.

·        Dr. Hong Lu, Ph. D. 2006, Process Development Engineer, Luminus Devices, Inc., Billerica, MA.

·        Dr. Mark Tinker, Ph. D. 2006, Director of Research and Development, Lemark Microsystems, TX.

·        Dr. Brandon Pillans, Ph. D. 2006, Engineer Follow, Raytheon Company, Dallas, TX.

·        Dr. Karthik Colinjivadi, Ph. D. 2007,  Staff Process Engineer, Lam Corporation, San Jose, California.

·        Uday Gurnani, B.S. 2007, Applications Engineer, TI, Houston, TX.

·        Dr. Yonghao Cui, Ph. D. 2010, Staff Process Engineer, Qorvo, Richardson, TX.

·        Dr. Yong-Jun Shin, Ph.D. 2010, Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut.

·        Dr. Sung-Hoon Cho, Ph.D. 2010, Member of technical staff, Samsung Electronics System LSI division, Gihung, Korea.

·        Cody Moody, M.S. 2010, Member of technical staff, Raytheon Company, Dallas, TX.

·        Dr. Joonbum Kwon, Ph. D. 2012, Plasma Process Engineer, Qorvo, Richardson, TX.

·        Dr. Kyung-Hak Choi, Ph. D. 2012, CTO, Optolane, Korea.

·        Dr. Ning Xue, Ph. D. 2012, Scientist, Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore.

·        Dr. Arun Gupta, Ph. D. 2012, Founder & CEO, Skyven Technologies, Dallas, TX.

·        Benjamin Swedlove, M.S. 2012, LED Epitaxy Process Development Engineer, Cree, Inc., Durham, North Carolina.

·        Hoang Nguyen, B.S. 2012, Analog Verification Engineer, Zipalog, Inc., Plano, TX.

·        Joon Sohn, B.S. 2012, graduate student, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

·        Dr. Youngsam Yoon, Ph.D. 2013, Army, Korea.

·        Yunho Lee, M.S. 2013, Army, Korea.

·        Dr. Daeyoung Kim, Ph.D. 2014, Assistance Professor, Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon, Korea.

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