Doping Concentration vs Position along the grown CZ Crystal for Common Dopants in Silicon

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Equilibrium segregation coefficients during CZ crystal growth for Si 

(Source: J. Plummer, M. Deal, P. Griffin, Silicon VLSI Technology)

Impurity Segregation Coefficient(Ko)
As 0.3
Bi 7E-4
C 0.07
Li 0.01
O 0.5
P 0.35
Sb 0.023
Al 2.8E-3
Ga 8E-3
B 0.8
Au 2.5E-5

For most impurites in silicon CZ growth, Ko < 1, which means that these impurities prefer to be in the liquid phase. The table above gives some equilibrium segregation coefficients. In the applet, you can select an impurity and drag mouse to see the value of Cs/Co.


By Zhongsheng Guo

EE7240 Integrated Circuit Engineering, Fall '2000

Louisiana State University


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